Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kitchen Hack - Be Juice Ready

This kitchen hack came about because I hate wasting anything!

It was one of those weeks when I had bought fruit with every intention of making a healthy juice to start my day.  It was the week before Christmas. The first week of the school holidays. It got frantic. I had been ambitious.

Before the fruit got to the super mank stage, I chopped and divided what I had into snap lock bags and froze them, ready for juicing.  

This particular snap lock bag is watermelon, pineapple, ginger and mint.

You could freeze any number of winning combinations including (but by all means don't limit yourself to) mango, strawberries, any berry for that matter, oranges, limes, anything you like in a juice. All the fruit is then chopped, in desired portions and combinations for your juice and ready to go when you are!

Easy peasy.