Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kitchen Hack - Be Juice Ready

This kitchen hack came about because I hate wasting anything!

It was one of those weeks when I had bought fruit with every intention of making a healthy juice to start my day.  It was the week before Christmas. The first week of the school holidays. It got frantic. I had been ambitious.

Before the fruit got to the super mank stage, I chopped and divided what I had into snap lock bags and froze them, ready for juicing.  

This particular snap lock bag is watermelon, pineapple, ginger and mint.

You could freeze any number of winning combinations including (but by all means don't limit yourself to) mango, strawberries, any berry for that matter, oranges, limes, anything you like in a juice. All the fruit is then chopped, in desired portions and combinations for your juice and ready to go when you are!

Easy peasy.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Daily in 2017

I was captivated watching a video my brother shared on FB by Prince Ea.  Look him up. You will be inspired.
After watching this, I got to thinking – over the washing up, where all my good thinking happens!
I came up with a handful (literally) of questions to ask myself on a daily basis.  Because time does fly and it can be too easy to get caught up in being ‘busy’. These help me STOP and reflect and ultimately stay on track.
  1. WHAT HAVE I ACHIEVED TODAY? This will keep me accountable on the daily goals I set for myself. It will serve as a check in and also as a pat on the back. I have a tendency to wander, move on to the next thing, switch concentration. Think Dory and you’ve got it. I am naturally short term focused so this will help me maintain long term focus.
  2. WHAT AM I GRATEFUL FOR? It is good to be grateful so it had to be on the list. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, and usually a whole lot more than just one thing!
  3. WHAT MADE ME LAUGH? It is too easy to get caught up in crap. Even as a natural optimist, sometimes I forget to remember the little things that tickled my fancy. If I have had what I considered to be a bad day, I now contemplate the saying I saw a short time back ‘was it a bad day or a bad 5 minutes?’  There is always something in my day that made me laugh. It’s good to be mindful of that when reflecting on my day..
  4. WHAT MADE ME THINK? Having a deep moment is a blessing.  It is a time of learning: from the positive of inspiration to the realisation of how something could have been done or handled better and everything in between. These are the sections of my day that make me a better person.
  5. WHAT DID I DO TODAY THAT MADE ME ‘LIVE’ / BROUGHT ME CLOSER TO MY DREAMS? 2016 flew. Time flies. I figure if I don’t consciously keep this in mind, 2017 will fly and I may not have progressed (enough) towards my dreams, or got so caught up in being ‘busy’ that I didn’t ‘live’.
Time is windows of opportunity occurring every second.

It’s great to have this check list whilst I reflect on my day and consciously think about how it was spent. It makes the days mean more than they already do.