Saturday, February 15, 2014

No Cancer, Not My Underwear

Breast cancer has a simple target criteria: if you have boobs, you are in the firing line. As a result, more and more younger women, like my girlfriend Tina, are being diagnosed. 

Tina was 37 when her breast cancer diagnosis required her to have a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, treatment and ongoing medication.  She did everything that her doctors and specialists advised her to do to ensure her full recovery and return to good health.  Cancer raised its fists, and like every cancer patient, Tina fought back.

Prior to her diagnosis, Tina enjoyed wearing beautifully made, sexy, feminine underwear. When Tina was looking for suitable post-mastectomy bras, she found them functional but unflattering, boring and beige.  Really?  At 37?  

Cancer's impact can be varied yet always enormous.  It is unfair.  It is a disease that does not discriminate.  It is a disease you are not prepared for yet have to tackle each day like you have prepared for the battle your whole life.  It can take or change many things, but take your right to gorgeous underwear as well?  The line had to be drawn somewhere, so Tina drew it.  
Red Fern Lingerie

Red Fern Lingerie was born.    

As a cancer survivor, Tina can relate to the effects of the medication post treatment. She understands the requirements for a bra a woman has after having had a mastectomy whether reconstruction has occurred or not. Taking her own experience into account as well as asking other breast cancer survivors about their needs gives Tina the understanding to have developed Red Fern Lingerie. The fits, fabrics, designs and functionality have all been carefully thought out.  

Launching mid 2014, Red Fern Lingerie returns the choice to women.  Cancer can take many things, but take your sexy underwear?  No, it can't do that.

If you are interested in finding out more about this amazing business, head to Red Fern Lingerie's facebook page at or email Tina at

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