Tuesday, February 4, 2014

3 Business Lessons I'll Never Forget

I keep a journal each for my boys.  I write all manner of things in there that I hope one day they will look back upon and read with interest.  I was prompted recently to share these 3 lessons with my boys as they grow so began to write them in their journals this morning. It further prompted me to share them with you.

Many moons ago, the boss I worked for at the time, over time, taught me many things about operating in business.  I guess he was like my Mr. Miyagi, though he didn't have me washing cars or painting fences.  Or standing on a pole like a pelican for that matter!  I did take from his teachings and guidance however, 3 lessons that I continue to apply today.

Lesson 1: Always answer the telephone within 3 rings
This shows the person calling that you are interested and value their business.  It's simply good customer service.

Lesson 2: Always present a solution when you are raising an issue
It may not be the solution that gets used, but it will show that you have thought about the situation, understand it (or tried to) and come to a conclusion on how to rectify it.

Lesson 3: Approach your work like you own the business
It makes you think differently about your work and your role.  You take a greater interest in understanding the impact, the outcome, the customer's experience and the bottom line.

Being not long out of school at the time, these were good lessons to impart to a teenager. Now, as I embark on my own businesses, the principles around these lessons continue to hold me in good stead.

What have been the lessons that have had the greatest impact on your career?

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