Monday, June 8, 2015

Turkey & Cranberry Patties

The deliciousness of this recipe is all in the Cranberry and Caramelised Red Onion Chutney.  One word. Yum!


500g turkey mince
1/2 cup dried breadcrumbs (add more if required)
3 tbsp cranberry and caramelised red onion chutney
1 tbsp parsley
1 egg
1 clove garlic, crushed
Photo Cred: Yours truly!
1 tbsp olive oil
plain flour

Mix all ingredients (except oil and flour) in a bowl.

Roll mixture into the size patties you prefer, and toss in the plain flour to give them a slight dusting.

Chill in the fridge for 15 minutes.

Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in a frypan and cook patties to your liking.

Serve with your preferred side of salad or vegies.  Or put them on a burger!

Bon Appetit!

NB: I have modified the original recipe because that is what I tend to do in the kitchen a improvise!  If you cannot get your hot little hands on the cranberry and caramelised red onion chutney (I got mine from Aldi), then finely chop 1 small red onion and use 2 tbsp cranberry sauce.  I also use minced garlic from a jar instead of crushing a clove.  

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