Friday, December 4, 2015

My 3 Fav Budget Friendly Items For A Healthy Summer Glow

Summer is finally here.  That means sun, swimming, Christmas and lots of socialising.

If, like me, you are conscious of the sun's effect on your skin and don't have time to lay around getting a tan (even with +30 SPF on) then you will love these products that help you achieve that healthy summer glow.  The added bonus? They are all budget friendly!  

For a natural looking tan that doesn't compromise my health, I look to the following products:-

LACURA BB Cream - available at Aldi for AUD7.99

I use the Medium Tint colour because I am olive skinned.  For the days I don't want a full face of make-up but just an even coverage that looks like I have gone to some effort, I love this.  I don't look made up, my complexion just looks natural, even and fresh.

LACURA Foundation - available at Aldi for AUD5.99

For days, and nights, when a full make-up face is required, this has been my go to foundation now for a few years.  I have tried many foundations in my time (being a make-up artist by trade) and for me, this one just works.  I like the coverage, I like how it blends, I like its staying power and for those that are budget conscious, you will love its price!

DOVE Summer Glow Body Lotion - available at supermarkets and pharmacies for approximately AUD7.00 per 250ml bottle.

Hands down, this has been my 'go to' self tanning lotion for years.  The reason is two fold: a) it gives a gorgeous and natural looking tan to my skin and b) it does not have an offensive scent. I use this as my sole body moisturiser during spring and summer, and some other times of the year if I want a tanned look. Upon first use for the season, I find it takes about 3 days to build up to the colour I like and then I just maintain it.  I constantly receive questions about where I have been - on holidays, out in the sun etc.  If you like self tanning and want a lotion that doesn't streak, this is it.

With these 3 'Not So Secrets' out and about, have a fabulous weekend enjoying the sunshine - or looking like you already have!

Note - this is not a paid or sponsored post.  It is just me giving credit where it is due and sharing the secrets!!

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