Sunday, February 21, 2016

Herb or Dukkah Yoghurt - Healthy Snack Option

I love the benefits of eating yoghurt, I just never seem to eat enough of it.

Enhancing my yoghurt with herbs or Dukkah has solved this issue.  I spread it on my morning toast in place of butter and it is DELICIOUS.  And healthy!

Yoghurt on toast I hear you say?  Trust me, I would have said the same thing until I tried it.  Still balking at the idea?  Try the yoghurt spread on to some crackers or use as a dip with crudites instead.

Here is how I make it:-

I take one 1kg tub of Greek Yoghurt and stir through about 2 teaspoons Salt.

Take a piece of muslin and lay it in a sieve that is sitting over a bowl.  Fill the muslin with the yoghurt.  You can tie the muslin if you like, to cover the yoghurt. 

Place the yoghurt, sieve and bowl in the fridge for the next 1 - 3 days.  This drains all of the liquid from the yoghurt.

Once your 1 - 3 days are up, it is time to add your herbs or your Dukkah.  Or you can split the quantity of yoghurt in two and make both!

For my herb yoghurt, I used Rosemary, Mixed Herbs, Oregano and Garlic Salt.  You can use whatever dried or fresh herbs you like.  I took half of the drained yoghurt mixture and stirred the herbs through.  Place this into a container and keep refrigerated.

For the Dukkah yoghurt, I made my own Dukkah.  You can use store bought or make your own as well.  For mine I used Sesame Seeds, Coriander, Cumin, Moroccan Seasoning, Salt and Pepper.  Once again, I stirred this through the plain, drained yoghurt, then placed it into a container to store in the fridge.

Try it - let me know what you think!

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