Saturday, May 28, 2016

Parc Cafe - a haven of food awesomeness AND great customer service!

You know already I am a huge advocate for a high standard of customer service. I am also Taurean which means I am all about food.  When the two come together in the most delicious way, my stars have truly aligned.

Yesterday I caught up with my dear friend Tina who suggested we meet at Parc Cafe.  It's on the corner of Clovelly Rd and Earl St at Randwick, not far from Centennial Park.

I cannot lie. I was starving by the time I arrived.  And stinging for a coffee.

With coffee ordered - and delivered by the time we did the usual and mandatory 10 minute (could have been 15 perhaps?) initial catch up assuring the waitress we only needed two more minutes, um, maybe another two please (we've all done it) - we decided to get serious and peruse the menu.  

Oh the menu!

E V E R Y THING on the menu looks enticing. I'm not just saying it.  Go there. You will see what I mean.

My eyes locked on the Poached Eggs, Quinoa Tabouli with Haloumi, Pistachio and Green Dressing.  I have to put it in bold.  It deserves it.  I did ponder for a moment the Smashed Avocado and Feta with Poached Eggs (I'm a sucker for avocado) but when I asked the waitress for her advice in my decision making, she told me the Haloumi was "pretty good".  With a smile and a nod.  

Her "pretty good" actually translates to a dish I could eat often. Every. Single. Day. Every day. It was without a doubt THAT good.  

The service at Parc Cafe is great.  I love a place that is equipped with enough staff to ensure the ordering and delivering of meals and drinks is not held up (well, except by patrons who keep asking for two more minutes!)  The staff are friendly and very helpful and always just over your shoulder should you need them.

I love a menu that is simple yet has such a diverse range of dishes on offer, not to mention freshly squeezed juices to boot.  All eat in or, wait for it....

I noticed a fridge that stocked pre-made take away dishes from the menu - from salads to soups to yoghurts to curries.  Coupled with the pricing which I thought was very reasonable, I thought the convenience of having those dishes (including the Quinoa Tabouli) there already done for you was hard to resist. 

That did it for me.

I am in complete love with Parc Cafe.

Would I go again?  Of course!  I need to make my way through that menu!

Would I recommend it?  Absolutely!  I am, right now!

The fridge-full-of-take-away-options is such a simple idea, but it extends the customer service of Parc Cafe beyond their venue.  When they can achieve extra sales by offering affordable convenience it is a win / win for both Parc Cafe and their customers.  

Parc Cafe have achieved a winning formula.  The location and atmosphere is awesome.  The food - well, if you don't know by now how I feel.... And the customer service is an all round great experience.  That you get to take home too!

Photo credits go to Parc Cafe Instagram and Facebook sites.

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