Monday, April 7, 2014

From A Quip To A Cure

The stars do align.  Not always at once.  Not always when we'd like.  From time to time though, they do line up.

Today, I'm giving credit where credit is due to a friend of ours, Andrew, who on this day has just completed his very first Tour de Cure.

This year, the tour left from Martin Place in Sydney on March 28th and finished up today April 6th in Launceston, Tasmania, covering over 1500 kms.  The Tour de Cure takes place every year raising funds for much needed cancer research, treatment and awareness.

Andrew is a keen sportsman.  He has played sport over the years, tried his hand (or legs and arms more aptly) at triathlon, and over the last few years has settled into cycling.  I really don't know why I say 'settled'.  It makes it sound like a comfortable ride!  Over the last 26 weeks alone - training and the Tour de Cure included - Andrew has ridden approximately 10,000 kms.  Yes, you read that right.  You already know my thoughts on this!

Just over three years ago, Andrew's mother in law passed away from cancer.  Like many, her death occurred way before it should have.  She was one of those people who lived life actively, ignoring the fact she was getting older.  Her untimely death was heart-breaking.  Andrew commented at the time that if ever he had the opportunity to ride in the Tour de Cure, he would.  And he would dedicate it to his mother in law.  

Andrew is a goal setter.  A fair dinkum goal setter.  Andrew sets them and then sets about achieving them.  I kid you not.  Someone like me who struggles with them is in awe of someone like Andrew!  
Andrew Woodward
In his comment, Andrew had planted the seed and the stars got to work.

It was about six months ago at a work meeting that Andrew remarked in jest to a Vittoria Coffee representative when offered a drink of their specialty, that he didn't drink coffee but instead could he gain a spot on their racing team?

You know what they say about words made in jest.  

Within days, to Andrew's amazement, he was indeed contacted about a spot...on the Tour de Cure!  He was 'interviewed' as it were to discuss his physical ability to complete the Tour - easy peasy - as well as (and more importantly) his reasons for wanting to do the Tour.  I personally found this second part awesome that the organisers of the Tour really ensure your heart is in the right spot. Over 1500 kms in 10 days is tough.  It would take more than stamina.

I already mentioned the kilometres that Andrew rode in training and the Tour.  Not a training session was missed over the 24 week preparation period, such was his dedication to this cause.  Andrew had a goal to raise $15,000.  He raised $50,000.  Such was his dedication to this cause.

Andrew rode for his mother in law with her photo on his handle bars.  He rode for his father, father in law and brother in law who more recently also have or have had cancer. And he rode for a future without cancer.

We take our hat off to you Andrew.  You've not only committed yourself to an amazing cause with all the right reasons in your heart, you've shown that if you really want something and the stars agree with those reasons, they will align for you.

Congratulations!  You've done yourself and those you rode for, incredibly proud.

Photo credit to Tour de Cure and Andrew Woodward.

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