Friday, April 18, 2014

What's Your Favourite.....Holiday Destination?

Here is a topic I could linger on for quite some time as I day dream about the places I have been and the ones I have noted on my bucket list.

Travelling is one of the best educations anyone can receive.  Apart from learning about the town or country you find yourself in, you learn about the culture, history, food, traditions, landscape, the people.  Travelling brings out a new level of independence as you find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings, among foreign languages and with foreign currency. Exciting, thrilling and daunting all at the same time.

Six months ago, I traveled to New York City to visit a girlfriend living there at the time. There is no other way to describe my fleeting 5 day trip than to say it was a fling with the city and I fell head over heels in love!  New York has been on my list of places to visit for many years. Enticed even further by its starring role in the ever popular Sex And The City television series, when the opportunity arose to head there last year, I seized that puppy with both hands.  We toured the city, shopped the city, ate the city, subway'd under the city, observed the city, and I soaked up every bit of New York City atmosphere I could.  I love that place and it remains firmly on my list in the hope that I am graced one day with another opportunity to return there.  

Italy, Italy, Italy.  Who could not love Italy?  I love all things Italian.  The food, style, art, architecture, culture, traditions (I wouldn't mind the siesta being implemented into my work day!) the landscape, even their odd way of parking!  My second trip to Italy was to quench my thirst for the country.  It didn't work. It must be the coins I am throwing into the Trevi Fountain!  Oh to return (again) and attempt (again) another conversation with a shopkeeper from start to finish in Italian.  Bellissimo!

Just one picture, a tad smaller than a post-it note in size, got me hook, line and sinker for Malta.  I saw it in a magazine and from just that one picture, I decided Malta had to go on my list! If ever you have the opportunity to travel to this beautiful country, take it. Without a word of a lie, we traveled the entire country - top to bottom and across - in three and a half hours!  And, we had stopped twice for a cup of tea!!  Malta is quaint, gentle, safe, spiritual, respectful, colourful and fun.  They embrace life in the present whilst holding dear to their heritage.  Just a hop, skip and a jump from Italy, Malta is definitely worth the side trip if ever you are in the area.

They are just three of my favourites of where I have been.  Where would I still love to go?  To be honest, anywhere that I have already been I would return to.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my travels thus far.  Of lands not yet ventured upon by me, I would still love to travel to Canada, throughout more of the USA and still many parts of Europe that I have not ventured into, in particular Prague - I hear it is spectacular.  I am also partial to a beach, relaxing, cocktail in hand, book in the other.  That pretty much narrows it down to anywhere sunny and warm!

Where else should I plan on going?  What have been your favourite holiday destinations and why?  Let me day dream with you whilst you reminisce....

Have a happy and safe Easter everyone!

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