Friday, May 2, 2014

What's Your Favourite....Age?

We all have it.  We all have either an age we thoroughly enjoyed being, or an age we are looking forward to being.  What's yours?

Looking back, my favourite age would have to have been when I was 27.

For someone who loves being in a relationship, my favourite time of my life was actually when I was single!  And absolutely loving it!  The only person I had to take care of and consider was me.  Well, that's not entirely true.  Of course there are always people to consider, like my flatmate, but you get what I mean.  Life was carefree.  I had a great and well-paying job, no big responsibility like mortgages, I could make plans for whenever with whomever I wanted. I completely ran my own show.  It was bliss with a capitol 'B'!

Life has not gone down hill from there.  Not in the slightest.  I've had a few tough lessons, but you get those.  27 is just a time when I remember the funniest nights of partying, being out at all hours and having the luxury of being able to sleep all of the next day if I needed to. I traveled 'just because'.  Have you ever traveled 'just because'?  Just because you could, with little time to plan, it just seemed like a great idea so you went with it, and had one of the greatest times of your life?  I ate at restaurants and places I had never been to.  I owned a caravan. No. Wait. This one deserves a paragraph all to itself.

I owned a caravan.  It seemed and was a great idea at the time.  It was permanently fixed on-site at beautiful Bateau Bay, about a two hour drive north of Sydney on the Central Coast.  The park was bordered on one side by a Golf Course (we never played) and on one end by Shelly Beach.  The location was awesome.  The caravan was orange.  If the Brady Bunch owned a caravan, this was it!  The exterior was orange with white stripes, the interior was orange vinyl with faux timber paneling - scrumptious!  It had an annex with sliding doors at both ends - apparently quite a luxury in comparison to other vans on site as it turned out.  The loos and showers were 50 metres up the pathway - a minor and liveable inconvenience, all things considered.  I would wake up to the sound of waves and a refreshing breeze on my face through my slightly opened window.  It could sleep 9 comfortably, though we did manage 13 one weekend when all who said they 'may' come up, did!  One visit very early on with my girlfriends and the caravan was promptly named "The Convent" - where the only habits were bad habits - and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were founded!  

This isn't us singing Kumbaya, but it does give a good
 indication of what The Convent's interior was like.

See?  Who wouldn't love a time in their life like this?  I have such fond memories of this era (am I old enough to use the term 'era' in reference to my own life?) and will always get lost in the wonderful memories if I sit and contemplate this fabulous age.

When has been your favourite age?  What happened?  Or is your anticipated favourite age still coming?

Photo credit to - my photos of The Convent are locked safely away in storage!

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