Friday, September 6, 2013

An Attitude Of Gratitude

Praises have long been sung about being grateful.  

I have started many a Gratitude Journal in my time.  I haven't abandoned them because they don't work or I wouldn't have started it up again!  I get busy, tired, lazy (I hated admitting that, but it's true) and it falls by the wayside.  You know the feeling though when a theme keeps re-occurring and you just have to sit up and take notice?  My theme of late, in various forms, has been to be grateful.  So I have begun, again, a Gratitude Journal.  It's nothing fancy and I don't even get out the 5 things I am grateful for all the time.  But it has put me into a frame of mind of noticing what I am thankful for and being aware of all the good things happening to and around me.

Like attracts like.  Being grateful will bring more for me to be grateful for.

Enjoy adding some brightness into your life and outlook with this very easy and rewarding thing to do.

Happy Friday!!

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