Saturday, September 14, 2013

Can Time Be Booked For Speeding?

Being only ten months apart, for two months of the year our children are the same age. Our eldest 3 year old celebrated his 4th birthday through the week with much excitement, a countdown of how many sleeps to go, lots of cake and of course presents! 

As their mum, I regularly watch in awe at both of my boys learning and growing, but this week there was a lot of contemplation about the last four years and just how quickly that time really does fly.  Everyone tells you it will and experience tells you it's true, though you do second guess just how quickly time will fly when in the midst of sleep deprived nights and days and willing your children to reach that magical age of 'sleeping through'. Then you realise it is not an age but a stage.  Everything is a stage.  Sometimes you are ready and welcome the next stage, like their first steps (and sleeping through the night). Other times the next stage appears and you didn't see it coming, like when they don't want to be held in your arms to have their bottle anymore.  I have come to realise that the stage you weren't ready to farewell as yet is ultimately replaced with a new stage that is equally gratifying.  They may not want to be held for their bottle anymore, but at that age, they can't tell you they love you either, or simply call you 'Mummy' - my best job title and role yet even though it is the hardest role I've ever undertaken!

For my son's birthday, his kindy made him a special page with his photo and his foot and hand prints.  It was a realisation of just how big that hoof is compared with the tiny newborn trotter just (what seems like) five minutes ago!  You know when you see a puppy with REALLY big paws and you just know that one day that puppy will grow into those paws and be a huge dog?  Yep, that is my son's footprint.  And yet, where I look at it now and think how big it is, when he turns twenty four, I will reminisce at how small it was.

They say that time flies when you are having fun.  I must be having a ball!  I have made a concerted effort this year to be 'in the moment' with the expectation in doing this that time will some how seem to slow down.  It hasn't.  It is satisfying living this way, I am constantly in a state of awareness.  As for time though, no, weeks and months are still zooming past at a rapid rate of knots to the point where it should be booked for speeding!

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